Mad Dog Mcrea


Songs From The Shed

Session # 175


 When you tell a band like Mad Dog Mcrea that the session time will be 11am on a Sunday morning you make allowances that they might be a little late. There is always the possibility that they might of got confused on the way home from a gig and park their band bus in a picturesque spot and not notice the incoming tide until it encroached their on board party and they had to swim to shore ! A Mad Dog Mcrea story that is now part of Donegal's folklore.


Mad Dog Mcrea blend a unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and 'shake your ass' music. From self penned songs of adventure, drinking, love and life to traditional songs of gypsies, fairies, legless pirates and black flies.

 They didn't dissapoint on their visit to the shed.

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